Laser Treatment For Stretch Mark Removal

Information about laser stretch mark removal, how the treatment works to get rid of stretch marks, the risks and benefits as well as the cost of a laser removal treatment.

In recent years, in-office professional laser treatment for stretch mark has become the en vogue treatment option among many men and women who seek to remove their unsightly stretch mark scars due of the promise of quick and excellent results it produce for most patients.

How Does Laser Stretch Mark Removal Work?

Because stretch marks are essentially a form of scarring, laser treatment works by breaking down the old scar tissue, stimulating collagen growth and elastin remodeling so that new skin cell growth begins to repair and heal itself, thus reducing the appearance of the existing stretch marks.

Currently, there are many different types of cosmetic laser treatment for stretch mark removal available however, clinical studies have found that fractional laser therapy such as the Fraxel have produced the best results, up to 75% reduction in the appearance of stretch marks in terms of tone and texture among patients.

Types of Stretch Marks Most Suitable For Laser Treatment

In general, all stretch marks types respond well to laser therapy, however like any invasive medical treatment, there are no guarantee results and the success of the treatment is dependent on the location and age of the stretch mark as well as the skin pigmentation of the patients.

Individuals who have very severe or old stretch marks may require more treatments to completely get rid of the appearance of stretch marks. And in some cases, there are risks that patients may only see minimum improvement to their stretch marks.

Is Laser Therapy For Stretch Marks Painful?

Typically, the treatment itself is painless with many individuals experiencing no discomfort while some others describing the experience as tolerable.

Following after the laser treatment, patients may experience some temporary superficial skin damage such as the treated area appearing swell or pinkish due to the high intensity light from the laser. However recovery period following the procedure is minimal and the tenderness and redness should clear up within a couple of hours up to a couple of days.

Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

What Are The Risks And Benefits of Laser Stretch Mark Removal?

When having laser treatment, it is important to seek an expert with solid experience carrying out laser stretch mark removal. The main risk with laser therapy stems from the mishandling of the equipment by someone inexperienced which could cause damage to other areas of the skin that are not affected by stretch marks. Due to this, it is important that you carefully choose a licensed dermatologist to perform your laser stretch mark removal.

It is also possible that those receiving laser stretch mark removal may experience blisters, dry skin, or possibly a rash, although these complications heal quickly and are never life threatening.

The major benefits lie with the fact that laser therapy is the one of the most effective stretch mark removal option other than surgery; and unless you are prepared to undertake a significantly more invasive option such as a tummy tuck, lasers will provide the most satisfactory outcome.

If you are still concerned, speak with your doctor and he or she will advise you on the potential risks prior to any treatment.

What Is The Cost Of A Laser Stretch Mark Removal Treatment?

The price that you will pay for laser stretch mark removal will vary between one provider to the next. Unfortunately, laser stretch mark removal is almost always considered to be a cosmetic surgery by insurance providers, so individuals usually must pay for stretch mark laser treatments themselves.

However, price should only play a small factor in choosing someone to carry out this procedure. The most important consideration when having laser treatment should be the level of experience and the quality of service provided by the doctor you choose. As a guideline, professional medical laser stretch marks removal treatment generally costs between $200 to $700 per session and will require multiple sessions, especially if they have severe or old stretch marks.


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